Friday, November 4, 2011

Fantasy Friday


Margie: Edna, I'm tired of the same old Thanksgiving. You always have to have
things like they've been for all our lives. We always have turkey and that nasty
cranberry sauce plus your watery potatoes. I mind my manners and try to
eat that stuff but I'm done. I'm doing something different this year.

Edna, I'm going to have Thanksgiving in Paris. How do you like that?

Edna:  I say bon appetit!  The farther away from me you are, the better, especially at the holidays.  I'll finally get to enjoy what I want for a change without having to hold my tongue while you pout and whine because I didn't make something just the way you like it.  Sounds like pure bliss to me.

Margie: Sister, I am so glad you feel that way! You just feel free to cook anything you like. I'll even bring back some of those French candies you like.

May I borrow your credit card now, sister?

Edna:  Oh honey, if you think I'm going to finance your trip then you'd best think again.  This was all your idea, so you can just do your fundraising on your own.  And no, "fundraising" does not include emptying out my coin purse or ransacking my room for valuables to sell.
Margie: Edna can ruin a fantasy quicker than anybody else I know.

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