Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prim and Proper Returns


Margie: I found an interesting article in the Jericho Times today, sister. It says that "prim and proper" styles are coming back in fashion. Go get your clip on earbobs and drag out those old head scarfs. You know you've always thought you were the Queen of prim and proper anyway.

All the famous fashion designers are working on this old stuff. Everything will be covered from the knees to the neck. I guess you like that?

Edna:  Goodness knows I don't want to see anything between YOUR knees and neck. 

I think it's high-time that sort of style came back.  But you know, it's not that I like it because it's prim and proper, but because that style was so clean and fresh looking.  None of these wacky colors and patterns, just cool elegance.  Like Grace Kelly or Katharine Hepburn.  Those designers aren't dumb, they know people want more Jackie O and less Brittney Spears these days.

Margie: You'd look nice, Edna, if you'd tie a head scarf around your face. I guess you'll be dragging your white gloves out of mothballs too?

Mama always said you acted like you thought you were a movie star. Will you be getting your bouffant back too, Edna C.?

Edna:  Oh honey, I've just been waiting for a chance to bring back the white gloves and the bouffant!  I've got my movie star sunglasses, just like Jackie O's, and my pencil skirts and clutch purses.  I'm just pleased as punch that this "mid-century" craze has caught on.

And really, this world could do with a little more class and a little less crass.  You'd best take some notes, sister.

Margie: Lord help us. What's next, nitwit? Shall I expect to see Baked Alaska on the table next Sunday?

Speaking of punch I'm going to go make a gallon. I believe I'll make that Lime Sherbert Punch to match your movie star hair.

Edna:  No Baked Alaska, but I believe a molded Jell-O salad is in order.

Margie, you need to get your eyes checked, my hair is not now nor was it ever green.  The lady at the hair salon called this shade "Lovely Lilac" and it matches my favorite lavender sweater set perfectly.

Margie: I love Jell-O salad, sister. Make some Kool-Aid too.

I call it Putrid Purple and it matches nothing I've ever seen.

Edna:  You're a horrible, hateful sister.  You can just keep your opinions to yourself or I'll hit you over the head with my alligator handbag.

Margie: I hope there's a live alligator hiding in there.

Edna:  Why don't you come over here and find out, you harpy.

Margie: Why don't you kiss my bouffant?

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