Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Those were the days...


Margie: Edna, remember how we used to buy all the latest magazines? I guess we took after Mama because she'd subscribe to her favorites. The only difference is that the same magazines are now priced for rich folk, they're full of advertising, and you sure don't get much to read.

Edna: I remember when one or two magazines would last you a long car trip, but you're right that they've been cut way down these days. I don't even like to pick up those fashion magazines, they're so full of ads for clothing that nobody but a stick insect could wear.

I used to get so excited when a new magazine would come in the mail, it would make my day to see that glossy cover in the mailbox. Now that we've stopped all our subscriptions to save money, I have to walk down to the library if I want to read the latest periodicals. Margie, the last time I did that, I saw some young whippersnapper sneezing all over the latest copy of People magazine. It was enough to put me off my lunch.

Margie: I got excited over the good stories. Nowadays, it's all about kids and marriage, and spouses who cheat. They sure didn't talk about such in our day. Pure scandal.

Edna, there's another problem for sure: people spreading germs. That's disgusting. I hate to say it but you're right about fashion. The only people who can wear that stuff would be a stick. I miss the old days.

Edna: Well so do I, you idjit, what on earth have we been talking about all this time? Just hand me my bottle of Germ-X, I'm off to the library to catch up on how that poor Sandra Bullock is doing.

*image courtesy MagazineArt.org


RNSANE said...

Lawdy me, it's a crying shame, next thing you know, you'll need masks and scrub gowns to spend a day at the library!

I'm about at poverty level these days so I'm going to have to spend more time at the library - you guys are making me nervous about going!!

Grampy said...

It is great looking back. Too bad we can't change things. Maybe I will publish a good magazine. Clothes for normal people.
We get books at the library all the time. You have to spray each one when you get home.
Well have a good day ladies.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I am with you girls. I don't like all those ads in magazines. It get so that I don't even read magazines anymore. Give me a good book and I'm happy.

Margie and Edna said...

Edna: I'm telling all of you right here and now, do not set foot in the library without your Germ-X. Grampy, I like your idea of spraying the books once you get them home. I assume you just use plain Lysol and not something stronger like Raid? ;)

Miss Poetic, I'm with you about loving books. There's nothing that makes me happier than having a brand new book to read. Well, having Nathan Fillion show up at the house when Margie's not home might make me a wee bit happier. :)

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: You big hussy! My Nathan wouldn't want the likes of you.

Grampy, I'd buy your magazine if it was all about young men in swimsuits. I think even Carmen & Poetic would find money for that!

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