Tuesday, September 22, 2009

M&E answer your questions--part 2


Edna: Many thanks to all of you who asked us questions last week! We hope you all enjoy reading our responses. If you haven't already checked it out, we answered some of the questions in yesterday's post. Below are all the answers we didn't get to yesterday.


1. From Mara:

What do you do when a friend of yours starts "copying" you? Your words, your expressions, your favorite food and restaurants, almost everything that it's starting to annoy you. She may mean no harm though and it looks like she's not even aware that she's doing it.

Margie: Edna has done that to me and it's because she's jealous and wants to be me. You may have to ask your friend if she's noticed what she's doing. She probably hasn't.

Edna: Margie gave you some good advice about talking to your friend. It always helps to get these issues out in the open if something is bothering you. And always keep in mind that no matter how annoying it may be, she wouldn't do those things if she didn't admire you.

And for the record, I never copy Margie--she's nobody's idea of a good role model.

Also from Mara: This might be too personal for both of you so it's okay if you don't give out details but I'm just curious whether you two fight and how long did it last?

Margie: Well, we haven't had physical fights but Edna's tongue is as sharp as a sword. I suppose it's safe to say that we've been fighting nearly 75 years.

Edna: My sister speaks the truth, it's been one ongoing argument about something or other since I was born. The best I can tell, Margie was jealous that I came along and replaced her as the favorite in the household. She's been trying to take me down a peg ever since. Mind you, that doesn't mean we don't love each other--you show me a family who claims they don't argue and I'll show you a family of lying liars.

2. From Con Artist Trickster:

Pick one between these two:
A week without washing dishes but you can't watch your dear boys' movies. (Or)
A week with extra movies of your favorite boys but with extra house cleaning also.

Margie: I'll pick the boys every time no matter how much extra work I'd have to do.

Edna: I agree with Margie. What's the point of having extra entertainment if all your time is taken up with the extra housework?

3. From Hitesh Rawat:

Why Margie and Edna's Basement...... why not....roof....kitchen.....?

Margie: Because we don't allow men on the roof or in the kitchen. Gentlemen belong in the basement where I can keep them in sight.

4. From Doctor Faustroll:

Is Toto there?

Margie: I don't wear a tutu unless...

Edna: Doctor Faustroll, you'll have to excuse my idiot sister. To answer your question: no, Toto is not here. Neither is the Tin Man, although my sister reminds me an awful lot of that horrible Wicked Witch of the West. I like to call her the Wicked Witch of the Basement, but usually only when she has her hearing aid turned down.

5. From Daily Spirit Online:

Do either of you belong to any old ladies societies or groups and if so/not why/why not?

Edna: Well, my sister and I belong to the ladies' group at the church. I don't know if that counts, it seems like we're the only two old ladies still spry enough to participate. I do like the idea of that Red Hat Society, where they eat dessert first, but wearing red and purple together just isn't my style.

Margie: I answer no questions asked by somebody who calls me an "old lady."


Mara said...

Great! Thanks for the answers. :) My brother and I are not talking with each other for a week now. This is not the longest we've done but this is only the second time that we argued and ended up not talking since we stopped physically hurting each other until we were in our early teens.

Theresa said...

Some good questions and great answers ladies. How many men do you have in the basement?

Aria said...

Y'all are priceless!

VetTech said...

You don't like "old lady", how do you feel about "Ma'am"?

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Thank you all for commenting.

Theresa, don't tell Edna but I have 4 right now.

Aria, you're obviously a woman of class and intelligence!

VetTech, I prefer Foxy or Babe or Honey or girl of my dreams- you know what I mean.

Kloggers/Polly said...

This little chit chat reminds me when I was in my late teens. I purchased a dress in beautiful thick cotton - it was quite unusual. I wore it to work and every one commented how lovely it was and well ... blow me down like a feather ... the very next week another girl bought one exactly the same and wore it to work. To make matters worse we attended an Internal college that was based at our works and in she breezed wearing the very same dress as myself.

They say that copying is a form of flattery - but I wasn't at all flattered. As you can tell - I'm not keen on copy-cats!!

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