Friday, September 18, 2009

The 2nd Annual M&E Awards

The Primetime Emmy Awards are coming up this Sunday night, and as usual we don't fully agree with all the choices the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has made. So, in what has become a tradition here in the Basement, we present to you our very own...


Hottest male lead on a new show: Nathan Fillion
(Castle, ABC)


Show that was finally (thankfully) put out of its misery: According to Jim (ABC)

Worst new show (now canceled and none too soon):
Kath and Kim (NBC)


Shows that shouldn't have been canceled
but, sadly, were:
Pushing Daisies (ABC), Samantha Who? (ABC)

Best last-minute show renewal choice: Chuck (NBC)


Sweetest voice: Jensen Ackles
(Supernatural, The CW)


Sweetest Voice runner up: Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement, CBS; The Venture Bros., adultswim)


Show that made us want to turn on all the lights in the house:
Harper's Island (CBS)


Most exciting show: Sons of Anarchy (FX)


Best reality show: 2-way tie
Margie's Choice: The Biggest Loser


Edna's Choice: Dancing With the Stars


Cutest non-couple that should be a couple: Penny and Leonard (The Big Bang Theory, CBS)


Oddest Romantic Coupling: Sawyer and Juliet


Most nail-biting season finale: Lucifer's summoning on Supernatural (The CW)

Show that is quickly surpassing LOST as being confusing as all get-out: Fringe (Fox)



The Hawg! said...

I was actually sad that "According to Jim" got cancelled. It doesn't take much to keep me entertained, seemingly.

Good call on "Fringe." That show might as well be a bunch of random segments spliced together and put on the air. A better name for the show might be "What the Hell is Going on Here?"

Maureen said...

Yeah for Big Bang!!! My most favorite show for the past two years... can't wait for Monday!

Patricia Rockwell said...

Amen to Nathan Fillion. Can hardly wait for the new "Castle" season. Also agree with you on the demise of "Pushing Daisies" which had to be one of the most original shows ever on TV.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Oh man...I liked Kath & Kim...

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Good choices. I actually watched Fringe last night and was like "What the hell...?" But I'm going to start watching it. I love sci-fi!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I agree on the Big Bang theory, they are cute together. I love Nathan Fillian. I remember him on One Life To Live as Dorian Lord's boy toy. He's adorable as Castle.

I've always liked Samantha Who and sorry it was canceled.

spinninglovelydays said...

My sentiments exactly about "Pushing Daisies". So many people love it. I don't understand why they canceled it. :(

Waffle said...

Totally agree with Pushing Daisies. I love that show :'(

Mara said...

I like Supernatural (especially Dean) and Chuck too. Two of my favorite series. I haven't started with Big Bang Theory yet but my friend suggested it for me to watch. Harper's Island seems interesting and my kind of show to watch also. I've seen trailers/commercials but I haven't read or heard reviews about it so far.

Well Lagman said...

I agree! I watch Supernatural, Harper's Island, Chuck and other series as well. Thanks for coming up a nice post!

Mee mOe said...

Great programs, love your blog, have a great day !!!

FishHawk said...

Perhaps this is more proof of just how odd I really am, but I have been able to follow the underlying storyline on Fringe. For the show is about a threat from an alternative universe, and the preparations that need to be made in order for this side to survive relatively intact.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Nathan is a hottie. I have to agree with this Award! ;0)

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I ADORE Nathan Fillion. Can he be a Margiedale?

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