Friday, September 19, 2008

The M&E Awards

After getting into the TV award spirit this week, we decided to list some awards that we think are more accurate than anything the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences could come up with. And so, we present to you the M&E Awards!

Best Fictional Town That Should Be a Real Town: Jericho, Kansas

Coolest Car: Two-way tie between Dean Winchester's 1967 Chevy Impala (aka The Metallicar; Supernatural, the CW) and Jake Green's 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner (Jericho, CBS)

The Metallicar (Supernatural)

Jake's Roadrunner (Jericho)

The Miss Fix-It award: Heather Lisinski (Jericho, CBS)

Sweetest Voice: Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, the CW)

Best Dimples: Josh Holloway (LOST, ABC)

Hubba hubba!

Most Over-Rated Hero: Dr. Jack Shephard (LOST, ABC)

"He walks among us but he is not one of us..."
Uh, okay.

Most Insanity-Inducing Hiatus Span Between Seasons: 24 (Fox); runner-up, LOST (ABC)

Cutest Couple: Pam and Jim (The Office, NBC)

See how cute they are?

Cutest Non-Couple That Should Have Been a Couple: Jake Green and Heather Lisinski (Jericho, CBS)


Best Married Couple: Claudia (Kim Delaney) and Michael (Brian McNamara)- Army Wives (Lifetime)


Best Portrayal of a Psychologist: Roland (Sterling K. Brown)- Army Wives [Formerly seen on Supernatural]

Most Unjustly-Hated New Character (2007 season): Bela Talbot (Supernatural, the CW)

Best New Show (2008 season): Sons of Anarchy (FX)

Best Spy-in-Geek's-Clothing: Chuck Bartowski (Chuck, NBC)


Most Deserving of his Own Home Improvement Show: Cousin T

We'd watch it!


The Josh said...

I really wanted to argue against the Dr. Jack Shepard (sp?) vote, but he is a little overrated. I just love that show, but I think you're right.

Kathy said...

works for me Matthew Fox is a former FFA kid. Josh is a Texan. It is a win win for me, my family is addicted to Lost!

Kim said...

I just love 'dimple boy' :)

Kirsten said...

You had me at Josh Holloway!

Dreaming In Colors said...

How do you find the time to watch all these shows on TV? I'm lucky to do one a day and then there's the recorded ones to catch whenever.

Margie and Edna said...

Edna here.

the josh, I liked Jack in the beginning, but his hero title has gotten tarnished over the course of the show. And I always try to remind myself to give him a break, because he was a reluctant leader in the beginning. But then he'll start flipping out because someone didn't follow his orders, and I get over that. ;)

kathy, kim, and kirsten, you ladies have good taste!

dreaming in colors, maybe it seems like we watch a lot of television because there are two of us who came up with this list. ;) We don't both watch all the same shows, although we share some favorites. Speaking for myself, I end up doing a lot more online viewing and taped viewing than watching anything live these days.

Balceroregontr said...

I agree with all your Jericho picks.

Designing Hilary said...

Ooooh ,,, cool cars and some man flesh!! Y'all rock!

Nothinglikeit said...

Clever, that was a fun read!

swenciler said...

I never watched Lost-but that pic sure shows good dimples! I defintely agree with all your other picks.

P.S. I still miss Jericho.

erika said...

I whole-heartedly disagree with your dissing of my man Jack Shepard, but I understand. I just love him!

Too bad you guys don't run the Emmy's!

Amy said...

You guys should run the awards shows.

Margie and Edna said...

Edna here.

swenciler, we believe that if you gave LOST a try, you wouldn't regret it.

Miss Erika, we're sorry if your Dr. Jack received a negative M&E award, we just call 'em like we see 'em. ;)

We think we should be running the Emmys too. Miss Amy, since you work in the television field, perhaps you could put in a good word for us? :D

Taylor Blue said...

I agree with these all .. especially sweetest voice!! And just on a sidenote I used to live near Jericho in Ontario... :)

auntvonna said...

Your awards are right on the money ladies! I absolutely LOVE Son's of Anarchy and I was glad to see Army Wives in there also. Too bad the Emmy's couldn't even give Jericho the one award they were up for (and deserved!) Kudos as always Margie and Edna (and say hi to Jane and Beth for me)!

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