Monday, September 29, 2008

Step Right Up Folks


Margie: Edna, you know Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love watching the leaves change color and I love the smells of the coming holidays. I even enjoy baking because Cousin T always eats until his britches won't fasten.

Edna: Margie, you spoil that boy. I love autumn as well, the weather gets that little snap in the air that lets you know that winter is coming.

Margie: That little snap in the air also puts a hitch in my getalong! I don't get to go outside and work in my garden or tend to my flowers. This year will be different, Edna.

Edna: Margie, I'm almost afraid to ask, but what's different about this year?

Margie: I saw an article in the paper today, Edna. The Senior Center will be having belly dancing classes this Fall and I'm going. I'm not sitting here all day listening to you whine about the cold and the power bill.

Edna: After living with you all these years, I thought nothing would surprise me, but you've proven me wrong. Belly dancing classes? You'd best watch you don't throw your back out, you're no spring chicken. Then I'll be the one listening to you whine all winter.

Margie: Edna, you just never have anything good to say. Well, this is better than you telling me years ago that you wanted to be a hoochie-koochie dancer at the county fair!

Just you wait until I find a young man to watch my belly dancing. Jealous hussy.


Maitri Libellule said...

Hey, my britches won't fasten either. I think I should take belly dancing lessons with you two! Ha! I knew you were up to SOMETHING!

Hugs and Pugs all around! :o)


PJ said...

i love your conversations!

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Maitri, we must fasten those pants so come join the class. Pugs welcome.

pj, thank you. Please visit us again.

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