Thursday, September 10, 2009

Internet perils


Edna: Margie, look at the time! Why didn't you tell me I'd been online this long? Honestly, sometimes I think the Internet is both a blessing and a curse, and that's the truth.

Margie: Edna, that's why nothing gets done around here. I suppose you're trying to find a man. You best be careful because bad folks can get information about you from that computer.

Edna: I'm always careful online, that's another reason why the Internet can be a dangerous thing. That, and people emailing you left and right, even though you said you never wanted to hear from them again.

Margie: Edna, do I hear gossip there? Who did you tell not to email you anymore? Mr. Jones? The mailman?

I worry about young children, Edna. Where's the fun of going to the library and researching topics from books? And all these old perverts trying to get to the children. Those perverts are the worst.

Edna: They are, aren't they? People with more time than morals (or sense) should not be allowed to have an Internet connection. We should write our Congresswoman about that, she hasn't had a letter from us in at least a week.

I worry about the children too, because I fear that the Internet is raising a generation of young people to be lazy about what they read online, and they're not as prudent with their personal information as they should be. In our day, there just wasn't the chance to publish your business all over kingdom come for perfect strangers to read. Imagine, we never would have taken out an ad in the Jericho Courier telling people that our "relationship status" had changed. Well, I wouldn't have anyway, I had more decorum than some people around here.

Margie: Good idea. Let's write her tonight. No pervert should be allowed to have a computer!

I'm glad we never spread our business all over town. Look at some of these blogs we visit. Some of them have near nekkid pictures. I saw one today of a nekkid cowboy. Edna, are all perverts male?

Edna: I think you already know the answer to that, you floozy.


Empty Streets said...

Hi :)

Dropping by to say hi and to see what is new over here on your side of the world and things seem great as always :) Will just be reading here for a while :)

Hope that your week is continuing to be a fabulous one and stress free.

Take care always,
In the mean time come and visit my virtual streets :)

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Lidian said...

Miss Margie and Miss Edna -

I agree with you entirely!

It is always a treat to visit you two, and see what pictures you might have for us to see ;)

Miss Lidian

Megaman The Madman said...

I'm glad there is someone else writing there congresswoman every week..I don't feel so alone now...

Funny post as usual..

Stay away from the chipmunks or are they Chippenwhales?

Matt @ TAWTOF said...

Internets: The cause AND solution of all modern-day problems.

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