Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantasy Friday: Mon Cher Gilles

Edna:  You know, I'm not one for watching a TV show just to have something to do of an evening. And I definitely don't waste my time with shows I don't like...unless mon Cher Gilles is in it.  I watched that silly "Sisters and Brothers" because they'd found a part for him, and I watched "Modern Family" on Wednesday night, just to see him.  My lands, he can sure brighten up a television screen!

I'd never heard of him until he was on Dancing With the Stars a while back.  I guess he was in some smutty movie before then, but I don't bother myself with nonsense like that.  My goodness, though, he was something to see when he was dancing!  Smooth as silk, he was, and with that French accent?  Well.  You can see why I'd watch something I didn't like just to have a few minutes of him on the TV.

After Wednesday night, I do think he might be better suited to comedy.  I'd like to see him in a movie that shows off his dancing talents and his sweet personality.  I could see him as  a Gene Kelly type:  light on his feet and easy on the eyes.  I think he'd make a wonderful leading man, he has those French good looks that would make the ladies swoon.  Oh, or maybe like in one of those foreign films from the sixties, all sultry and in black and white.


Edna:  My lands, I'm feeling a touch overheated.  I think I'd best go sit on the porch a spell with some iced tea and cool off a bit.

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