Friday, October 7, 2011

Foolish Friday


Margie: Edna, stand back! I'm mad enough to spit! You know how mad I get when I go grocery shopping and prices have gone up. Well, that's happening more often plus the size of things is decreasing too. These corporations are greedy and have lost sight of what customer service is all about.

Well, Hershey's takes the prize for scamming chocolate lovers. Have you seen their new
Hershey Air Delight Kisses? Edna, they're trying to sell air to us. Who do they think they are? What's next, sister, Air Soda? Turn up the bottle and suck it in.Calorie free.

Edna:  Good Lord, that has to be the most durn-fool thing I've ever heard of.  They've replaced some of the chocolate with air and they expect us to be excited about it? Just how stupid do these big companies think we are, anyway??  Hershey, I'm ashamed of you, and I think Mr. Milton Hershey would be ashamed of you too.  And what really gets my goat is you just know those new airy Kisses won't be any cheaper because they have less chocolate.  Instead, I bet they'll want us to pay more just for the honor of having air bubbles in the middle of our candy Kisses.

My lands, I think I'd best go lay down, thinking about this foolishness has given me a megrim.  Margie, go fetch me some of that new Air Tylenol, please.

Margie: Forget the Air Tylenol. I wonder if I can sell you because you're an Air Head??

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