Monday, October 24, 2011

November is National Diabetes Month


Edna:  Margie, if you ever bothered yourself with something other than, well, yourself, you'd realize that November is National Diabetes Month.  The American Diabetes Association has lots of tools to help you learn more about the prevention of diabetes, including going here to take a Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test.  Diabetes is a serious condition, and the more you know about it, the better.

Margie: Edna, I'll have you know that I led a discussion about diabetes last month at the Senior Center. I told them about poor Uncle Bud who was diabetic all his life.

You might want to lay off all that sugar you inhale, sister.

Edna:  Lies!  Lies and slander!  I'm not the one in this house who adds a cup of sugar to every glass of sweet tea.  But just to be on the safe side, maybe it would be good for the both of us to stop eating sugary things.  At our age one can't be too careful.

Now hand over that pecan pie and I'll just run it over to the neighbors so we can start fresh with no sugar in the house.  I said, hand it over!  Good grief, she's run into her bedroom with it.  Fine, be that way.  We all know who the smarter (and healthier) sister is in this house anyway!

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