Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Following The Food Stamp Challenge


Margie: Times are tough these days for folks except the ones in Washington, D.C. Some folks are unemployed, have lost their jobs and homes, and many are food insecure.

Angel Food Ministries has gone out of business and that will hurt a lot of people as a box of their food only cost half of what it did in the store. Food banks can't take in enough food to provide for all those who need it. Food stamps only provide a small amount so you'll go hungry on those if they're all you've got.

Here's something I found recently that may interest you whether you're on food stamps or just a tight budget.

For the month of October, John and Michael  will live on a food budget equal to the amount of an average Alabama food stamp recipient’s benefits. They are posting what they buy, their daily meals, and even snacks. It's well worth reading and I've already learned a lot.

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