Monday, June 14, 2010

Some of our "new" favorite blogs


Edna: You know, I'm a big fan of bloggers. Being one myself, I know how hard it is to constantly come up with new and interesting content. It's also hard to find new and interesting blogs, but thank goodness there's no end to the creative and talented people out there in the Interwebs.

Here's one of my new favorites: No Pattern Required. I love the concept, it's all about "mid-century" and "vintage/retro." Now, in my day the kind of things she talks about were called "futuristic" and "space age" but I'll let the young lady have her fun. One of my favorite recent posts was where she picked a recipe from an old cookbook and tried it out on her husband. I gather she does this quite a bit, but this one was just hilarious, especially her husband's reaction after his first bite. Dear, you are a much braver cook than I am.

Margie, do you have a new favorite blog you want to talk about?

Margie: You just hold your horses, sister. First, you're not a real blogger because you're boring. I'm the one who finds the interesting content. Secondly, I have no doubt she's a braver cook than you and I expect she doesn't burn everything either.

Yes, I do have a blog I like. It's called Vixen Vintage. The fashions and the pictures remind me of my own vixen days. I was quite the fun lady as you well know. The gentlemen found me to be most enticing.

Edna: Oh, and I think we ALL know what "fun lady" is a euphemism for, you floozy. I will leave you your delusions about the reasons for your popularity since they keep you occupied and out of my hair for the most part.

I like that Vixen Vintage blog, too. You have to admire a modern girl who loves all things vintage. People had so much more style in the old days, and things were obviously much better constructed back then since they're still around. Today's junk breaks or rips as soon as you use it once.

I guess we're on a vintage kick, since another of my new favorite blogs is The Archive Digger. It's actually a nice mix of old and "new" news, if you will. Which I guess is a theme with our blogs today: modern folks with one foot in the past.

Margie: Well, that's better than having one foot in the grave, sister. People can look at us and see how well constructed we are for sure.

Edna: Hmm. I think "well constructed" is yet another euphemism for something, but I agree that the good things seem to stand the test of time.

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