Thursday, May 7, 2009

Be Kind To Animals Week


Margie: Edna and I may not agree on much but we do believe that animals are a blessing and they need humans to help them. That's why Edna and I are proud to announce that this week is Be Kind To Animals Week.

We hope everyone is kind to animals all the time but we're also hoping this special week may bring more attention to the subject. Why not give your animal a special hug today and tell your friends and family to do the same?


Skitto and Peanut said...

Thank you so much for putting this out there into the public eye, fur us little fur friends Margie & Edna, we likes you guys lots! You ROCK!

storybeader said...

how cute!

Sandy said...

I didn't even know there was a be kind to animals week. I'm not a pet person, there are far too many animals on the street where I live, actually they outnumber the humans which is not a good thing. Each household has 2 or 3 dogs, wished you could hear how bad it is when they all get going. Most of these people aren't home during the day, so really shouldn't have animals in my opinion. They aren't home to take care of them, or to realize how much they disturb those of us that are. Having an animal isn't a right of passage, like buying the newest latest car. But, it seems to me far too many people act like it is. If you like animals and want to have one, you have a responsibility to care for it, take it walks, take it to the part to run...dogs need to run. You don't just put it in a cage all day while you're at work, or let it come and go as it wishes through a doggie door all day long alone. I'm told by some of these neighbors thats why they got the 2nd and 3rd get the first one from being lonely, what I think they don't get is...that only means there are twice as many dogs lonely and thus barking.

LOVE the darling picture. YOu might enjoy looking at my SIL's new blog. She's very into animals and loves and takes care of hers. She's got some cute pics and stories I think you'll enjoy. Tell her I sent ya

Doing some commenting this am, while I do some drops.


Isolated Existence. said...

I didn't know either. Thank you so much for letting us know. ;-)

askcherlock said...

What a great post, and timely for me. I have a 22 year old Maltese. Yep, she's 22, all right. She has been suffering from seizures lately and after she had one the other day, I was going to have her put down. I scheduled an appointment with the vet and cried all day. My husband convinced me to just let her live and she did seem to recover. Oh, she cannot see and her hearing is virtually gone, but she did recover and is eating and resting and loving the attention. For awhile, I won't be crying....

tstreasures said...

In my home, every week is Be Kind To Animals week! Thanks for the great pic though, dogs always make me smile. said...

I didn't even know about "Kind to Animals Week" but personally I think every week should be a kind to animals week. I have two dalmatians and they are my big babies. And if you get a chance, please stop by my newly redesigned blog at my new domain and tell me what you think of it. - Preston

Dorothy L said...

Ahhhhh....they are little darlings.
It is sad that we even have to have a day or a week called' Be Kind To Animals'!
That does not say much about mankind ...does it.

I often wonder if humans ever really understand the meaning of the term 'Mankind'??

Have a lovely day Ladies!

EddieGarcia said...

When it comes right down to it, everyday should be kind to animals day, not just a week. Just think how they are always there for us no matter the moods we are in. They love us just the way we are and I can't say the same for us humans. Great post and reminder to all of us!

Friends 4 Life!

chilly said...

Ohhhh I want one ummm or two or three of those! I love Bassets and used to have two. One red and white Basset and one tri-color Basset. Miss them much! Thanks for the post.

Have a great day! :-))

Velu said...

Well I always thought you two to be grunpy women who would dislike dogs. Glad to see otherwise. :)


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