Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reading Is Fun Week


Margie: Edna, get your lazy rear out of that bed. You don't want to disappoint the children. Remember this is Reading Is Fun Week and we volunteered to help at the library.

I'm going to say something, Edna, but I'll deny it if you tell anybody. The children loved you last year and thought you were funny. You got quite a few of them interested in reading and I was happy to see that. Please try to act human today too.

Edna: As usual, Margie, I'm going to be gracious and accept the compliment while ignoring the insult. And I will say this: when you put your mind to it, you have a lovely reading voice. I know the children will enjoy having both of us read to them. I just love seeing all those little faces looking up at me, spellbound.

Margie: Edna, I know what you mean about those little faces. They do love a good story. I'm a firm believer in starting children as readers as early as possible.

Remember how Mama always read us a bedtime story, Edna? I do believe that's why we both love to read.

Edna: I think you're right, and we were truly blessed. Reading to these young children makes me think of Mama and how an adult can transfer a love of reading to a child. It sure would be nice if every child has someone in their life who would read to them.

All right, let's get going to the library, we've got young book-lovers to read to!


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

The Zak Files is a great series of fun books for kids--I enjoyed them too! I think the author is Dale Goldberg.

Shakti Singh Dulawat said...

this book series is very nice , but I do not have entire series

Auntie E said...

I used to read to the children, sure do miss it. Should start back up.

Mrs4444 said...

There is nothing like that; the big, sweet eyes of little ones hanging on your every word. I LOVE it.

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