Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome To Our Basement

Hello friends and neighbors,

We are Margie and Edna. We have lived in Jericho, Kansas all our lives but we've decided it's time for us to branch out beyond our beloved town.

We'll still keep you informed of all the gossip-I mean the goings on here in town-but we're also going to talk about anything and everything else.

Well, Edna may want to air her dirty laundry (there's plenty of it) but I'm not. I have my sterling reputation to uphold. Edna's reputation has been sullied since we were school girls.

Edna, do you want to add any of your dumb words to my pretty speech?

Margie, the only thing I want to add is that our readers know the truth about me and the truth about you, and I trust them enough to realize those truths: I am perfect and you are a shameless hussy.

Lord, give me the strength to spend even more time with my sister without killing her. Thank you, Amen.

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