Thursday, March 27, 2008

Amy Vernon tells all!

Amy Vernon, of the Remote Access TV blog, is probably the first fan that Margie and Edna ever had. She has been a staunch supporter ever since the ladies made an appearance on Remote Access back in August 2007. She is a long-time friend to Jericho, and an all-around lovely person, and we thank her for taking the time to sit down and answer a few questions from two nosy old ladies.

1. Margie: Edna, here's what I want to ask Amy: Do you know this Hughie Hefner fella? I think he wants to talk to me. Could you give him my number?

Amy: Well, um, er, [blushes] I'll see what I can do. Truth be told, he has mentioned you before. Both of you, of course.

2. Edna: Amy, Margie and I have a lot of fun writing out our thoughts (well, my thoughts, Margie doesn't have very many of her own). Do you think that there's anything we can do differently to make our blog more popular? We like to help as many people as we can, you know.

Margie: We'd also like more gentlemen callers.

Amy: Oh my. Well, as for making your blog more popular, I've learned most of what I know about networking my blog from a lovely lady named Jane; I believe you've met her? I can't imagine I could tell you anything in that respect that Jane couldn't.

As for the gentlemen callers, photos of scantily clad women usually helps with that. Don't you have any daguerreotypes from your youth?

Edna’s note: Don’t get fresh young lady, we’re not that old! We were quite the lookers when we were girls, do you think these snapshots will do the trick?

Photobucket Photobucket

3. Edna: Amy dear, we know you spend a lot of your time watching the television, do you have any actors that you find especially mouthwatering?

Amy: Funny you should ask - you know Jake Green, of course. It seems there's this actor out there who looks JUST like him! Skeet Ulrich is his name. I've been known to time the "pause" button to a moment where Skeet shows up.

Hmm, who else? When I was a young girl, I had the biggest crush in the world on Richard Hatch. He has aged rather well. You can see him on "Battlestar Galactica" on the Sci Fi Channel. And Naveen Andrews on ABC's "Lost" isn't too hard on the eyes, I must admit.


Margie's note: Amy, you have good taste in men. So do I. Eat your heart out, dear.


4. Margie: Amy, we saw a truck in town last week with a CBS logo on the side. We don't know what that means but we think they're the ones who almost wiped Jericho off the map. What do you think?

Amy: You didn't hear it from me, but I'm pretty sure that's the broadcast arm of Jennings & Rall.

5. Edna: Amy, you've been our good friend for a while now, what are your plans for the future? We know you're busy at the paper, but will you come back to visit us in Jericho?

Amy: First off, I will always be happy to visit my favorite residents of Jericho. Just make sure you have some of your special tea waiting for me.

Margie’s note: Amy, dear, just a tip from Margie here. Drink 2 glasses of my Special Tea before you do your writing. You'll win a Pulitzer in no time.

Amy: As for the future, I really don't know. I'm glad you two have joined me in the blogosphere; I enjoy blogging quite a bit and hope to further my efforts in that area. I hope to be able to live-blog the coming civil war, but that future is still uncertain.


AmyV said...

Thank you so much for inviting me to your basement! I had a lovely time, as usual, chatting with you... kisses, me

auntvonna said...

Lovely interview with blogger extraordinaire, Ms. Amy V! Nice job Margie and Edna (and you two were actually pretty well behaved doing this interview...did you drink too much of your special tea? ;))! Very enjoyable, thanks to all three of you!

Margie and Edna said...

Thank you, Miss Amy. You're a true lady because you understand the need for this basement. Please visit often.

auntvonna, thank you so much. Edna was well behaved because I held my pistol to her back the whole time Amy was here. You must come have tea with us. Special Tea helps one keep a sweet temperament.

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