Sunday, March 30, 2008

Richard Becker Visits Our Basement

Richard Becker is a friend of ours and a fellow blogger. He's been doing this a lot longer than we have but that doesn't make him any smarter than two old ladies. Richard owns that Copywrite Ink place. He likes talking and communicating and all that kind of stuff. If we lived in Las Vegas we'd be in the bars and casinos but he's not like us.

We welcome our friend, Rich Becker, to our basement.

1. Do you have any advice about how two cranky sisters can communicate with each other?

Well, for anyone else, I might suggest trying reflective listening — it goes beyond active listening by offering emotive statements and clarifying responses that demonstrate you understand the the other person means. But then again, I like you two the way you are because you say what you think and think what you say. You can't ask for more authenticity than that. It sure beats having to guess at what someone means. I'm a fan of anyone who isn't afraid to tell someone when they have mustard on their face. By the way, what's that yellow, oh ... right ... you got it.

Edna: Rich, I thank you for the communication advice, but it’s a lost cause when it comes to my sister. She surely does like listening to herself talk, she’s not much for this “reflective listening” you’ve mentioned. Unless you mean talking to herself in the mirror, which she does quite a bit.

2. How can two old ladies be good bloggers?

I think Margie and Edna already are good bloggers. Their banter is legendary among Jericho fans and their audience seems to be evolving to have even more mass appeal. The banter between you two is what fuels the fun sometimes snarky commentary. Who says you cannot teach old gals new tricks? Why just yesterday, you gals were beating up a major. I doubt they taught you that in finishing school.

Edna: Rich, you are quite the smooth talker, you surely do know your way around a compliment, and Margie and I thank you for your sweet words about our blogging. Oh, and let me add that we are two gentle ladies, but we get the job done when we see something that needs doing.

3. Do you think our hometown, Jericho, can survive after that nutty CBS nuked us?

I always felt Jericho would come back for a second season. The sheer tenacity of the fans demonstrated they could get it done. I wouldn't necessarily say there is no hope, but the leadership is different. The leadership that was in place during the first campaign were always very good about allowing fans to pursue promotion on their own terms — there were a hundreds of ideas that came from everywhere and the best of them not only stuck but were embraced by the campaign. The leadership in place now has a tendency to diminish ideas that are not their own. So, I hate to say it, my dear, the fate of our town this time around is a toss up.

Edna: I know what you mean Rich, and I am sorry to say that I think you’re right. But that surely doesn’t mean I won’t be doing everything I can to make sure our town doesn’t fade away.

4. We're going to be traveling soon. Where will you take us when we visit you and your family?

I'd love to take you out to see Red Rock Canyon, but only if you promise not the lock each other out of the car.

Margie: Lawsey me, Edna, doesn't he know I wouldn't lock you out of the car? I'll throw you into that canyon. Good riddance!

Edna: Margie, I’d like to see you try it. Rich, be warned that I will be bringing my sword along on our trip, just in case I need it. Well, you know what my sister’s like….

5. Why do people call you "The Hammer"? Are you here to rob two poor old ladies?

It certainly wasn't because I can dance, I assure you. From what I read, that name was thrust upon me by the friendly folks at Jericho Free Radio. With a little behind the scenes help, I became pretty adept at "nailing," as they called it, observations related to to behind-the-scenes Jericho fan issues as well as some inside CBS from a big picture perspective. But then again, if you ask me, all Jericho fans could wear the name "Hammer." They seemed to nail fan campaigning like nobody else. Star Trek and Firefly might be the only real comparisons. Even you, Margie and Edna, did a great deal to help attract new viewers. All my best, ladies.

Margie: Edna, what good is he if he can't dance? I think he was hit in the head by a hammer.

Edna: Margie, you hush up, can’t you see that he paid us a compliment in amongst all that fancy talk? My lands, you should pay more attention, you dimwit.
Thank you, Rich. You can visit our basement anytime.


Rich said...

Thank you ladies again. I'll be happy too, anytime ... just as soon as someone unlocks the door.


terocious said...

What was all that he was on about anyway? We have some reflectives at the end of our driveway 'cause our house is so far tucked back in the woods. Maybe that is how reflectives work when it comes to talkin' as well, maybe you put 'em in the ground at the end of the driveway to what you're saying so folks won't miss your house.

-Cousin T

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Hush up, Rich. You knew the risk when you came here.

Cousin T, you're right. That Rich just mixes up all his words. Everybody knows those reflectives go in the ground.

alpha99wolf said...

I think that Rich nailed it and the ladies hammered it also. Fan issues were atrocious & led to the downfall of Jericho. Viewers could not help but be turned off by all the infighting & rudeness. Good to see Terocious here....he always has an intelligent insight and is a great person. This was a super article which contained a lot of truth. Well said. Well nailed. Well hammered.

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