Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Margie and Edna: Origins

Edna, remember when that sweet Amy at RemoteAccess published this kind interview about us? I was just reading it again. I come across as the nice person I am while you sound like a heathen as usual.

Margie, don't start with me, it was a lovely interview about both of us. It's not my fault if you're jealous. By the way, Amy told me that she likes me better.

"Jericho fans from across the nation recapped episodes for Remote Access each week. And one day, two women who were nuts for Jericho decided they’d try something a little different.

And, thus, Edna and Margie were born.

Of course, like all things in life, it was slightly more and slightly less complicated than all that."

Amy questioned Margie and Edna creators, Beth and Jane:

"How did you first come up with the idea for Margie & Edna?

Margie and Edna developed over a series of conversations between the two of us. We had both previously done a re-cap for Remote Access, and we had each separately agreed to do a second re-cap, for “Casus Belli.” As both of us recall, it was Beth who approached Jane about joining forces for our re-caps, but it was Jane who suggested that we do it as citizens of Jericho. We started e-mailing and PM-ing each other, and we eventually developed the “voices” of the two sisters while we were working on that first re-cap.

What do you think it is about the ladies that struck such a nerve with Jericho fans?

We’ve been told that it's their funny banter that the Jericho fans find appealing, as well as the fact that readers know that they love each other no matter what they say. Also, it’s as if the ladies have inserted themselves into the story, and are able to comment freely on things that they “observe” around Jericho. These are usually observations that the fans themselves make, such as comments about Jake and Emily, comments on some of the “suspension of disbelief” issues within the show itself (such as why everyone looks so well-groomed in the post-apocalyptic world), etc. Finally, some have also said how much Margie and Edna remind them of their own older relatives."

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