Monday, March 24, 2008

Margie and Edna's Road trip.

Margie: Edna, I just need a vacation. You never take me anywhere.

Edna: Margie, let's jump in the Model T and high-tail it out of town. What do you say? Photobucket

Margie: Oh, Edna, you mean it? Let me grab us a jug of special tea and we'll go.

1. Dinosaur World; Plant City, FL.

Edna: Look Margie, they have fossil digs! You’d better watch out or someone will try and dig you up.

Margie: Didn’t you go to high school with that T-Rex over there, Edna? Photobucket

2. The National Museum of Dentistry; Baltimore, MD.

Edna: My lands, Margie, look at those choppers! However did George Washington eat with those? Photobucket

Margie: Edna, you numbskull, he took them out and gummed his food to death.

Edna: Then why even have the teeth in the first place?? Oh, that poor Martha, can you imagine sitting across the dinner table from him all those years?

Margie: Lordy, no, Edna. I bet those things clacked up a fog.

3. Margie, maybe we should take a trip down Route 66. I’ve always wanted to see the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.


Margie: Why, Edna? Didn't you work that ranch once?

Edna: Margie, I don't know what you're talking about, but knowing you I'm sure it's something crude.

Margie: Crude? You're the one who said you wanted an oilman. Edna, I do love a ranch & all those cowboys. Is there a bunkhouse here?

Edna: Margie, just hush up and get back in the car, we're going somewhere else before they arrest you for indecency.

4. Margie, what do you think about this place? It’s in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


Margie: I love this place, Edna. I was quite a shaker in my day you know.

Edna: Margie, I think your head got shaken at some point, the way you carry on.

5. Margie, let’s go here! It’s in Texas too, we can swing by on our way to the Cadillac Ranch.

Look how cute that lemur is! Margie, go distract the guard while I stuff him in my handbag… Photobucket

Margie: I'm going, Edna. Give me time. Can I put the guard in my handbag? He's cute.

Edna: Margie, we don’t have room in the Model T for the lemur and the guard. You’d better leave him behind, we’ll get you a nice souvenir on our next trip.


alpha99wolf said...

Margie & Edna: Loved reading your roadtrip. There's nothing like reading about the expoits of 2 funny ladies like you. Turns out, you went to places I would enjoy. Being a fossil myself, and having dental problems, I've been following a route where I need a vacation at a ranch. Loved the lemur! You are both a "hoot." Thanks for the laugh. Very clever. Hope you become famous.

AmyV said...

can I come with you ladies on your next trip???????

Margie and Edna said...

Of course you can, Amy! Perhaps we can persuade one of the Jennings and Rall folks to let us borrow a Humvee, then we'll have room for extra passengers and extra souvenirs! :D

alpha99wolf, we're so glad you enjoyed reading about our road trip. :)

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