Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday


Margie: Edna, it'll soon be time for those crazy shoppers again. They zip up and down this street like they're race car drivers. It's not safe when folks are full of turkey and head for all the sales.Do you think they really have money to spend?

Edna: I doubt it, but that never stops people from acting like fools. I just hope they don't hurt each other in the stampede once the doors open. Itty-Biddy sued Walmart for 5 million dollars last year because she got knocked over by a woman toting a flat-screen TV. 

Margie: Edna, let's go shopping at Walmart on Friday.

1 comment:

RNSANE said...

Just checking to see if any mishap took place and if you're going to share your millions with your California friend?

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