Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Great American Smokeout


The American Cancer Society created this day back in 1977. They have promoted it annually since then. It has been said many times that quitting smoking is harder than getting off heroin and it would appear to be true.

Margie: Yes, I used to be a smoker. The best way to quit is to come get my sister, Edna, and let her stay at your house for several days. She'll nag you until you'll be happy to quit to get her to leave.

A lot of folks use those stop smoking aids and that's fine. For me, I made up my mind and put them down. The 3 days it takes to get the nicotine out of your body is difficult and painful. After those 3 days, though, I promise you will feel like a new person.

Sign up if you'd like a visit from Edna.

1 comment:

RNSANE said...

I'd love a visit from Edna ( I don't smoke ) but, honestly, it's REALLY the margidales I'd like to see. Send them!! Express delivery.

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