Friday, November 19, 2010

Food Friday


Margie: Edna and I are far from being wealthy but we do try to help our neighbors when we can. We were astonished when we read the following:

"45 million Americans were food insecure last year - according to an Agriculture Department report.

This means they had difficulty feeding one or more of their members because they didn't have enough money. That's 14.7 percent of all U.S. households - or about one of every seven.

The situation was especially bad for about one-third of the households which reported very low food security."

Margie: Edna and I wanted to take this opportunity to ask that everyone count their blessings and ask what you would do if you were struggling to feed your family. Please give to your local food bank. Use a coupon and donate a can of beans or dried beans or any other item(s) you can afford. You'll feel better for doing it and you may need help one day in the future. Who knows? Thank you all.

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