Monday, November 15, 2010

Heading To Topeka


** Gray Alert**

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Margie here. If you live between Jericho and Topeka, Kansas then please get off the roads. My sister, Edna, has stolen my car and is driving to Topeka to see the Governor! Edna is blind as a bat and can't half hear so you must stay out of her path.

You're probably wondering why Edna is heading to Topeka? Have you seen this story? My sister is a Happy Meals addict. Lawsy me, I've never seen a grown woman love those toys like Edna does. She says she's going to Topeka to tell our Governor that she will not tolerate fruits and vegetables in her Happy Meals. She even took a big banner that says, "Nobody tells me what I can buy to eat!"

Please call the police if you see Edna. She is a danger to good folks everywhere. Oh, if she tries to resist then just buy her a Happy Meal. That's the only thing that makes her smile. Thank you all.

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