Monday, July 13, 2009

The Midnight Buffet

Dear Margie,

Well, I finally figured out how to get the pictures into the computer so I could send you an email. I'm having such fun on this cruise, and the gentlemen bring apple-tinis by the dozen to my table every night!

I took the picture below myself last night, it's of the midnight buffet they serve on the cruise ship. Doesn't all the food look wonderful?


Love, Edna

Margie: Well, it looks like the same garbage she cooks at home. I hope it was free.


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BK said...

Edna, you reminds me of the time I had my cruise many many years back. It was certainly a fun time with a wide range of international cuisines to choose from. Basically my friends and I were eating from morning till night.

Grampy said...

A bit on the blurry side. Hard to tell.

Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said...

LOL! That is a great picture of the midnight buffet!

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...


Staci said...

From the looks of the picture, it seems someone might have hit the all-you-can-drink bar next to the all-you-can-eat buffet. Still I'm jealous. I've never been on a cruise. Enjoy.

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