Monday, September 19, 2011

Male fashion..what??

Edna:  I have lived a long life and have seen many things.  But never in all my born days did I ever think I'd live to see men wearing pantyhose and carrying purses.  Margie, what do you make of this?

Oh my!

Margie: Edna, I miss the days when men were men. Can you imagine Daddy wearing panty hose? Mama would have put him in the mental. Besides, sister, I'm not about to trust a man with a purse!

Edna:  I think man-fashion has gone too far. Pantyhose aren't comfortable for women, and we don't have nearly the amount to pack into them that men do.  I feel sorry for those boys who wear pantyhose, talk about being a slave to fashion.

You know, equality between the sexes is a wonderful ideal.  I think people should be able to wear whatever they want to, and it wasn't that long ago that women wearing slacks was frowned upon.  But there are plenty of things men wear that I wouldn't want to, like neckties.  And plaid flannel.  We've got to draw the line somewhere, and I say it should be drawn right before you get to "idiotic".

Margie: Well, sister, some men need to wear a girdle! Too many Big Macs these days. All I can say is that all men should pay attention to the clothes worn by Jensen Ackles and Nathan Fillion. I bet you wouldn't catch those two with a purse or wearing high heels!

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