Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall TV Review


Margie: Edna, there were lots of new TV shows last week and I found some favorites. I don't like Dancing With The Stars but I'm watching because my friend, Nancy Grace is on it. She's doing a great job too. At least she doesn't step on her partner's toes like somebody I know does, sister.

I really liked Person Of Interest. I love to watch a handsome man kick tushie. My favorite new show, though, was Revenge. That show could give a person lots of ideas. What did you like, Edna?

Edna:  Oh no you don't!  You're just trying to trick me into revealing my favorite new show because you know that as soon as I do, it will get canceled.  Well, I'm on to you sister!

All right, maybe I liked Ringer, just a little bit.  I'm finding it a little confusing, though.

Margie: Edna, that's because you're always confused. I think I'll get my pistol and cancel you!

Edna:  Kiss my grits, harpy.  While we're on the subject of you being an idiot, why didn't the DVR tape
Terra Nova last night like I set it to?  Admit it, you erased the recording because you knew the show was about dinosaurs and you were afraid you'd spot one of your old boyfriends.


Margie: That wasn't all I erased, nitwit.

Edna:  That's true.  You erase at least a year off your age every time you have a birthday.  Keep that up and pretty soon you'll be too young to drive legally.


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