Monday, June 27, 2011

Think with your head, not your heart


Edna: Margie, I just talked to the neighbor girl, she's all distraught because her boyfriend ran away with all her money. Can you believe such a thing? I remember when she first met him, she was over the moon. Looks like it didn't turn out too well, though.

Margie: Sounds like she has your taste in losers, sister. It's like I always say about not trusting anybody these days. They want your money or your unmentionables or anything else they can get. Why don't folks work anymore?

Edna: Well, why would they? Either you live off the government or you find some unsuspecting sap to steal from. I told that girl when she met him that she should do a Google search to see if anything came up, but she was so starry-eyed that she ignored me. Well, I did a Google search on him this morning, and wouldn't you know I found out that he has outstanding warrants for check forgery and larceny.

Love is all well and good, but you should protect yourself above all else.

Margie: Edna, you should be a private detective and get paid for snooping! You are right about one thing and that's protecting yourself above all else. I believe you shouldn't trust anybody until you've known them a long time and they've shown themselves to be trustworthy. Of course, love is blind as everyone knows. I don't think these online meetings are very safe. Too many unsavory characters around.

Edna: Well, you would know about unsavory characters. I guess what gets my goat is that she actually let herself be taken advantage of. She allowed that man to use her debit card and she gave him her pin number. Not only that, but she let him buy things under her name, so now she's responsible for paying for them. I swan, even you know better than to do something foolish like that.

I told her she needs to call the bank and report her money missing, then she needs to call the police. Do you know what she said to me? She said if she called the police and got him arrested, then he'd never want to get back together with her. If you've ever heard anything so idiotic in your life, I'd sure like to hear it, because that just takes the cake.

Margie: Hold on, Edna, and let me think. I've sure heard of a lot of idiotic things but I guess I won't mention them or you'll hide my remote. Anyway, that does take the cake. Never mix your man and your money is my motto. Use his or dump him.

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RNSANE said...

Good grief, I can tell you some stories of my stupidity...but I won't. I finally learned my lesson - the hard way!

Send me a Margidale - so I can use him!

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