Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Letter To Mama


Dear Mama,

It's me- Margie. I miss you but I know you're in Heaven looking down on me. You are my Angel. I have to ask for your help because you're the only one who has ever been able to talk sense to Edna.

Mama, Edna is mean to me. She's not doing any of the things you told her to do. She won't clean, she's lazy, she's a floozy, and she takes a vacation every year! I've tried to look after her like you wanted but she's stubborn as a mule.

Mama, Edna is stingy too. She hides food in her room and won't share with me. She also hides the remote to try to make me miss my favorite shows. She wastes money on magazines and clothes while I do without so much. She's not a nice person, Mama.

I guess you're busy doing the Lord's work so I'll stop here but, please, appear to Edna and tell her that you expect her to be nice to me. I love you, Mama.

P.S. When you appear to Edna be sure to holler because she can't hear so good. Oh, you'd better duck too in case she throws Holy water on you.

Bye Mama,

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