Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bora Bora


Margie: Lookie here, Edna. This says that pretty Frenchman you like is on
vacation in Bora Bora. What kind of place is that? Couldn't they just call it
Bora? That's dumb to call it the same name twice.

Edna, I think you best pack and head to that Bora Bora before there's big
trouble. If that man goes out in that piece of cloth he calls swimming trunks then
I fear for his safety. Hurry up now. It's your duty to go head off a riot!

Edna:  You hush up and leave that boy alone.  If he wants to take his family to some tropical destination, that's his business and no one else's.  Just like it's his business if he wants to go around scantily clad.

I do like the idea of heading up his security team, though.  That young man probably doesn't even realize he needs protection from floozies like you.  I'd best drop him a line and let him know that I could offer him some valuable services.

Margie: You do that, nitwit, then I'll call and ask what services Sing Sing has for you!

1 comment:

RNSANE said...

Sadly, I have missed Bora Bora in all my travels and now, retirement, has made even forays to Burger King a big outing!

Don't you go over there, ladies, and be pulling a sarong off those muscled fellows. I don't think they wear anything underneath ( not
that I would know ).

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