Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grocery Shopping


Margie: It's been so cold and snowy that I haven't been to the grocery store in almost two weeks. I decided to brave the cold today so I asked Cousin T to drive me to Publix. There are just a few problems with grocery shopping these days.

First, everything costs too much. I love my orange juice but all I hear is that the price is going to jump due to the cold in Florida. Is it my fault that the cold hit down there? Why should I pay more?

Two, things don't taste good like they did when I was young. Edna and I used to love Dolly Madison Banana Flips when we were girls. The last one I bought had artificial banana so it tasted like manure.

Finally, I don't like to cook anymore but it's more expensive to eat out of cans and boxes. Well, I'd really like a plate of Mama's cooking.

I guess I understand now why old folks talk about the good old days. That was when food tasted good.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

I know what you mean. And now they have all that organic stuff which costs even more. When I want a banana I want the real thing. not some organically infused who knows what. On that note, there's only one solution, have the Margiedales feed you some bananas and oranges :)

Ruth said...

Someday I would love to raise rabbits and chickens in my basement and have a HUGE garden. That'll do a lot to minimize the food budget around here I think. Ever read Possum Living by Dolly Freed? Interesting book. It's out of print (originally published in 1977) but if you Google it someone has posted the text from it on a website. She's got some, shall we say, unusual ideas about certain legal matters, but the chapters describing her daily life are really interesting.

william said...

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RNSANE said...

Well, there's nothing like home cooking...but everyone's too busy for that. It's either eat out or grab a mix. I like going out but, now that I am really on a budget, there's not as much of that. Burger King is not my idea of fine dining.

spinninglovelydays said...

I'd personally love to homestead and just live off the land. Anyway, my mom says the same thing: food tasted better back then and the proportions were bigger.

David DeWall said...

Hi Margie and Edna, Sorry I haven't left a comment for awhile, I've been frolicking on the beach near our home in the Philippines where it is sunny and in the upper 80's. Meanwhile, my friends in Illinois are freezing their butts off.

Anyway, you got me with the Banana Flips, man, did I love those when I was a kid, talk about your great junk food. Sorry to hear they are screwed up now. Oh, gotta go, my wife is picking some fresh veggies from her year round garden, and wants me to help. Try to keep warm!

Sheila said...

We no longer have a huge garden, but when we did, I got immense satisfaction from growing our own food. It's hard work though, but even that had a bonus - it burned off the calories!

Gargantua said...

It is true what you say Margie! The stuff that comes out of cans and boxes just doesn't taste all that good, and cooking can be a hassle. I compromise and use the crockpot alot. Dump in the ingredients the night before, put it on to cook before I go to work, and voila! A home cooked meal when I get home. Whoever invented the slow cooker needs a medal.

BK said...

Maybe it is time to think of growing some real foods. Almost everything else seems to be processed these days.

Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said...

It is indeed brave to go out into this cold and so nice of Cousin T to drive you. You are so right about the rising cost of food. I'm not familiar with Dolly Madison Banana Flips. I do hope I never get to the point I don't like cooking! Nix those cans and boxes. Get a good old fashioned homemade soup on the stove and pamper yourself :)

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Thanks Ruth. Check back here on Fri.
RN, I hate Burger King. McDonald's too.
Poetic, I'm with you.
Rooster, you're mean. I'm in hibernation here and you're talking warm. Yes, Banana Flips. I'm glad you know of them.
Spinning,your mom is correct.
Shelia, I had a garden a while back but circumstances changed and I have no room for one now.
Gargantua, have you tried baking potatoes in that cooker. They're divine.
BK, you're absolutely right.
Mom, I'll be making chili later. That boxed and canned stuff is so bad especially with my high blood pressure.

Thanks William.

Mr. Stupid said...

Well, you are right. The food prices have sure gone up. Hope we could just go a few years back in time and get all the Food we ever needed...:)

And then, we can laugh at people waiting at the Grocery stores...:)

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