Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Recipes


Margie: Edna, I was just sitting here thinking about Mama and Thanksgiving dinner. I wish I had a plate full of her good food right now. What a fine cook she was. Remember when she made Apple Dapple cake? I bet our readers will like this recipe.

Edna: Mama really was a good cook, and the house always filled up with such wonderful smells at the holidays. She used to shoo you out of the kitchen because you kept snitching food while she was trying to cook, remember?

Margie: I do remember. Do you remember how I'd beg Mama to cut the cake before Thanksgiving and she never would? I cut a piece once and ate it without anybody noticing. Mama was so mad when she found a piece gone but I told her you did it.

Edna: That doesn't surprise me one bit, you were a sneaky little so-and-so. You haven't changed much, actually.

Another thing that hasn't changed in all these years is what a picky eater you are this time of year. Heaven forbid I make anything for us with sweet potatoes, squash or pumpkin in it! You yell down the house and I never hear the end of of it. Well, this year I'm making this Pumpkin Roll Cake, and if I hear one squawk out of you I'm throwing away all your movie magazines. You hear me??

Margie: That looks delicious, sister.


JR said...

wow is yummi and

Karen said...

The more sweets the better!

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