Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where are all the good new TV shows??


Edna: Margie, I'm a little underwhelmed by this season's new TV shows. I haven't seen anything yet that I couldn't live without. What about you?

Margie: I sure haven't seen much for sure. Actually, the only new show I like is that FlashForward on ABC. I wish I could have a flash forward so I'd be able to see if I ever have any peace from your big mouth.

Edna: Well, guess what? I saw MY flash forward and six months from now I'm sitting on a beach in Tahiti sipping mojitos with a handsome young man, and you're nowhere in sight. How do you like them apples, sister?

I like that FlashForward show too,
I suppose it's interesting enough. But I sure don't think it's the next LOST like everyone keeps saying it is. This season's crop of new shows just isn't grabbing me like my old favorites still do. I tried to give The Forgotten a try (because it has that nice young man on it that so reminds me of Deputy Jimmy), but it's not holding my attention much so far. I think it's bound for cancellation, and I won't be mailing any peanuts to anyone to save it, that's for sure.

Margie: Happy day! You'll be gone soon and I'm moving all my young men into this house. Margie's playmates. Yee haw!!

I watched a little bit of that Good Wife but it's just not for me. I do like her husband. Wonder why they didn't call it The Good Husband? No peanuts from me either.

Edna: It figures you'd like the husband, isn't he supposed to have been a philanderer? Mama always lamented over your floozy ways, you know.

There haven't been many good prospects for sit-coms this fall either, come to think of it. I tried watching that Modern Family but I found it too uncomfortable to watch. That's supposed to be a comedy? I am enjoying Glee quite a bit, which is kind of funny and quirky, but it has a soap opera-ish facet to it that I'm finding surprisingly unenjoyable.

Margie, perhaps we're just too old to fit the network demographics anymore.

Margie: Maybe I'll just stick to watching my Sons of Anarchy too. You're too old for anything, Edna.

Edna: I'm not too old to be your YOUNGER sister, you harpy.

So readers, what do you all think are the hits and duds of the Fall TV season so far?


RNSANE said...

I like the forensic shows, having been a forensic nurse for the last 21 years - though I never saw a crime lab with sexy CSI tech like those portrayed on t.v.

I also like "Dancing With the Stars" - since I have two left feet...at 65, I can still dream.

For sheer entertainment, though, your blog is enough for me!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Margie and those men :D

I have to agree on Modern Family. To be completely honest it's a waste of airtime. I don't see the comedy there at all. I can tolerate Cougar Town for the sheer nonsense of it all.

I have to stick to my old standbys with Castle and Brothers and Sisters. Now I know you're watching that with your sexy Giles :D

Theresa said...

We tried to watch Modern Family and Cougar Town and were NOT impressed with either. One show that is in it's second season now which we love is Lie To Me. Of course, I have a soft spot for Tim Roth but it's a pretty good show. Other than that, I guess we shall stick to watching sport.

Balceroregontr said...

I like The Forgotten it is getting better with each episode. I think it is the only new show I am watching.

Lola said...

I'm enjoying Glee and The Good Wife. That's about it. I'm still a Desperate Housewives and Big Bang Theory fan.

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Who could live without House? Hugh Laurie......mmmmmm......

spinninglovelydays said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love Glee. I really enjoy the numbers and I hang on to every word that comes out of Sue Sylvester's mouth. I find her hilarious, lol.

Brad said...

Hello Ladies.

I think Flashforward offers the most unique premise and is therefore doing the best job at capturing my attention.

The Good Wife is the only other new show in line as far as I'm concerned.

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

I like The Good Wife, but it's not what I expected it to be. But I still like it.

And, the ABC comedies are kinda dry. "The Middle" was okay... kinda reminded me of Malcolm in the Middle.

I am still a huge "House" fan. And, I just CAN NOT get on board with Dancing with the Stars. I don't see the appeal. It's weird to watch an Ultimate Fighter or overweight teen learn to dance competitively.

Katherine Your Avon Lady said...

Psych has the best laughs. Terrific writing really wonderfully written. Try it out ( in reruns now) but worth waiting for the new season in January :-)

Jen said...

I tried to watch Flashforward and it looked promising but I've missed a few episodes so I don't know if I will be able to get back into it. It's also on a bad night at a bad time. I still love House and Big Bang Theory.

Margie and Edna said...

Edna: Thank you all for your comments, looks like the old favorites are mostly winning out over the new shows. ;)

Texan Mama, say what you will about DWTS or its contestants, but you have to admire the guts it takes to do something so outside of one's comfort zone on live television.

TRoss said...

Nothing seems to have kept my attention either. I enjoy the songs and dancing on Glee, but I'm really turned off by the characters and some of the decisions they make.

Flash Forward didn't grab me with the first episode (I know it's bad to give it just one chance) - it seemed to reveal key mysteries waaaaay to fast. Maybe I'm just used to LOST's pace though. XD

Modern Family seemed a little too offensive for my taste too. I got to see a preview of The Middle at the Disney 23 expo and it was pretty funny, but not something I would worry about missing.

I find myself just catching episodes here and there of fun shows like Psych and Burn Notice. The Mentalist is pretty entertaining too - a lighter version of those pervasive CSI shows.

Also gotta love the Science Channel, the History Channel, and PBS - they always have something interesting.

And DWTS - I like it halfway through, when the starts with some promise are on it. Hurts to watch the really bad ones embarrass themselves publicly.

On the bright side, that leaves more time for surfing the net, and visiting sites like this. ;)

Patricia Rockwell said...

I actually am liking "Modern Family" and "The Good Wife" more than I thought I would. "Flash Forward" is holding my attention, but I liked the book better.

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