Monday, October 12, 2009

Old Farmers Day


Margie: Edna, today is Old Farmers Day and I always think about our grandparents who farmed. I remember those fresh vegetables from the garden. They sure tasted fine.

Remember how we'd sit under the shade tree on a hot day and eat that watermelon? Grandma would put it in the crick and it'd be so cold.

Edna: I do remember that. I also remember Mama scolding us for being unladylike after we had that seed spitting contest.

I like to see that people are having their own gardens again and are buying local produce. It all tastes so much better when it's home-grown, doesn't it?

Margie: That's the truth. Go drag out those nice apples you bought and share a few with me, stingy. I bet you got apple cider too.

Mama said it's unladylike to be a glutton and not share with others.

Edna: You know, Mama also said it's unladylike to be bossy and a bully, but that never stops you. I did get cider along with the apples when I went to the cider mill, but I was saving the cider for tonight as a surprise for you after dinner. But I guess you ruined that so go help yourself, you big baby.

Margie: I was just teasing, sister. Let's have our cider in the parlor. Cousin T stopped by and started us a fire.

All I need now is a young farmer and I'll be all set.

Edna: Sorry sister, they weren't selling any of those at the cider mill.


Angie said...

Sweet story, I just stumbled on you blog through entrecard, I'm having fun discovering new blogs!

BK said...

It certainly is good to see people having their own gardens and buying local produce; it seems to be going the supermarket way here where I am staying.

Lidian said...

Well, I hope all those Old Farmers have a good day! I sure do like their Almanac. How many of them do you think it takes to write one of those things, anyway?

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