Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Central


Margie: Edna, Halloween is fast approaching although the cold weather is already here. I keep having memories of how the kitchen smelled around Halloween when Mama would be baking. I found one of her old recipes for Spicy Pumpkin Cookies. Remember those?

Edna: Of course I do, I'm not daft! You know, I love this time of year. The good smells that come from all the baking, and it's always warm and toasty from the wood stove.

Mama's pumpkin cookies were fantastic, everyone wanted the recipe. I can almost smell them now.... Margie, why don't you whip us up a batch or two. You're not doing anything, you're just sitting there jawing away at me.

Margie: The only thing I'm going to whip is the side of your head. You've lost your mind if you think I'm baking you anything.

Here's what I need to make after dealing with you every day. Pumpkin Rum Mousse. I'd best triple the rum though.

Edna: Now, you know good and well that we haven't had rum in the house since you made that eggnog pie last Christmas, when you drank all the rum and went and flashed the neighbors during their dinner party. I think you'd best use rum extract for that recipe, sister.

Margie: And I think I may extract a few of your teeth to shush you up, sister. Dingbat!


Meghann LittleStudio said...

Wow, those recipes sound delicious! I might just have to try a few :)

jacqueline said...

How wonderful are those memories. Thanks for sharing ladies. :-)

trie said...

its nice...very informative

RNSANE said...

What loving two bottles of rum, one for cooking and one for drinking...I've done a serious study of rums of the world. I love Mt. Gay from Barbados ( I LOVE Barbados ) and I also like Goslings from Bermuda. I especially like it when I can purchase the items on those islands.

I have a treasured pumpkin cookbook I bought over 30 years ago at the Half Moon Bay, CA pumpkin festival...I've tried almost every recipe, from South American Stew in a Pumpkin to the absolutely sinful Pumpkin Fudge, all are heavenly.

Grampy said...

Well sisters I think you could use a little rum right now.You could share it with me.It would calm us all down.I have decided to keep my blog running. It is me.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Now I'm sure you two know that rum is a staple. So is pumpkin for that matter :)

Those recipes look scrumptious. Let me know what time you're serving dessert. I'll bring the rum.

Rich said...

How fun!

Don't forget to save some pumpkin for beauty masks and body wraps. I recently learned about them, and who knows ... you girls might spare some pumpkin for a treat beyond the treats.

All my best,

Goddess said...

OOOOOOOOOO spicy pumpkin cookies!!! Running for grandma's recipe box now!!!

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