Thursday, October 29, 2009

1930 Halloween Evening

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Margie:, Edna, aren't you excited? Mama and Daddy said you can go Trick or Treating with me this year. I know all the best places to go to get the best stuff. We can go to the Green house because they always give away bags of popcorn.

First, you have to put on your costume that Mama made. See? Mine is pink because I'm a princess. I think yours is red so you must be a little devil. Get dressed, sister.

Edna: Margie, you stop telling me what to do or I'm going to get Mama! And I'm not a little devil, my costume is red because I'm Little Red Riding Hood. You'd best not be mean to me while we're Trick or Treating tonight, I heard Daddy tell you last night that you need to be sweeter to me because I'm the only sister you have.

Margie: Edna, nobody likes a tattle-tale. Keep it up and you'll never have friends.

Daddy said he'll take us to Grandma's house if we're both sweet, Edna. Grandma is making us a chocolate cake. By the way, there's a big, bad wolf at Grandma's too.

Edna: There is not! Margie, do you remember last year when the Richmonds had a Halloween party out in their barn? My favorite thing was the apple bobbing, I could have done that all night. I wish they were having another party this year so I could show off my pretty costume.

Margie: Edna, didn't anybody tell you that we're going to the Richmond's after we go to Grandma's? I heard Daddy tell Mama that they were going dancing.

I know! Let's have a contest, Edna. You bob for an apple and I'll hold your head under until you get one. I like helping you because you're a baby.


Margie, just for that, I'm not going to share with you any of the Tootsie Rolls I get tonight.

Margie: God, please give me a treat and swap Edna for a puppy.

I did not, Mama. Edna's lying again.

Edna: I never lie, Margie, Mama says it's a sin. Besides, I'd get in trouble for lying and I don't want to get in trouble tonight! I've got my heart set on some of Grandma's popcorn balls, so from now on I'm just going to ignore you like Mama and Daddy always tell me to.


SANDY said...

Love the old photo. Old photo's have such a feel that current photo's even though we're more high tech and have color lack.

I've done lots of genealogy and the old photo's I come in contact with because of that are always fun.

Happy Halloween

RNSANE said...

You two are such fun. I remember fighting with my brother over the Halloween candy. My mother would make us divvy up our hauls. If I got two of something, I'd have to share with him, even if it was a candy I adored. Not fair. I still resent it to this day. One Halloween, he even sent me TEN bags of Sugar Babies ( 50 years too
late ) to make ammends - but I'll NEVER forgive him!

Meghann LittleStudio said...

I LOVE old photos like that! How charming. Thanks for sharing :)

DineometerDeb said...

Great photo!

Happy Halloween

Dave DeWall said...

Hi Marge and Edna, Funny stuff. If you two want to come over and trick or treat at my house on the edge of the jungle in the Philippines, come on over! Love your blog!

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