Monday, October 26, 2009

National Popcorn Popping Month


Margie: Edna and I have always loved cool weather. You know the kind where it's cold enough to have the fireplace going. There's a smell to those old fireplaces that we always loved when we were girls. Our favorite times, though, were when Mama, Daddy, Edna, and I gathered around that fireplace and Daddy popped corn for us all. Mama made hot cider for everyone and we'd have a wonderful time.

Edna loved to hear Daddy tell stories about when he was a boy. She would get her funny box turned over because she couldn't believe that Daddy had once been a boy and not a Daddy.

Well, my old mind wanders a lot these days. I've said all this to say that October is National Popcorn Popping Month. That sure brings back a lot of happy memories. I think I'll go back and have more happy thoughts of the old days.

Edna, you sure are quiet. What's on your mind?

Edna: Nothing, I was just listening to you jaw away about the old days while I was munching on this popcorn I popped. If you want some, you'd best get over here and eat before it's all gone.


Grampy said...

Edna I am with you.I am getting ready to pop some up over here.I have my microwave disguised as a fireplace.You have to love Halloween.

sm said...

i love the popcorn
good post.

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