Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peculiar People Day


Margie: Cousin T, I was just reading in the paper that this Saturday is a holiday. It's called Peculiar People Day.

Lawsy me, I've known some peculiar folks in my life for sure. I won't call names but my sister is one of them.

Do you know any peculiar people?

Cousin T: I was thinking just the other day that my cousin Jean is an odd bird. He describes everything like he see's a color. He'll say, "Don't you think this dish is a little on the blue side?" When he's talkin' about the sweet potatoes.

Margie: He is an odd one. I'm glad he's your cousin on the other side of your family.

I knew this strange girl once. Way before going to the moon was thought of, I said I'd like to go there. She launched into a monologue about gravity, oxygen, and things I'd never heard of. I never could make a simple statement of any kind around her.

Cousin T: Ask some people what time it is and they'll tell you how to build a clock. Speaking of... I'll bet that whoever came up with the cuckoo clock was peculiar. They had to be, or at least they had to be thought of as peculiar in that moment and time. if you ask me that is the peculiar thing about peculiar people day: Everyone's criteria for peculiar is different based on who they are and how they were raised... All of the sudden I feel like that girl who couldn't shut up about the moon.

Margie: Cousin T, I'll make us some Special tea. That seems to be one of the only two things in this house right now that isn't peculiar.


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

So true, what's peculiar to one isn't to another. So much of our perceptions depends on how we were raised.

Blazing Minds said...

I've known some peculiar people in the past, but most of them have "grown up", but I have to agree with Karen, what is peculiar to some isn't to others, so I think it all depends on what we ourselves class as peculiar!

Mary said...

Most of my family is "peculiar" but I love them anyway! Can't we all be peculiar at times????

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