Friday, January 16, 2009

My Bloody Valentine


Margie: Just call me fangirl. Ooh, how I drool over Jensen Ackles. He's my young man who stars in Supernatural on the CW. Hold on to your bloomers because he's coming to the big screen in a movie. It's being released today.

The movie is called "My Bloody Valentine" and I'd bloody anybody who gets in my way of seeing this. This is one hunka burning love.

Jensen, my door is always open. You could make me happy if you'd come over for Special Tea.


Jane Doe said...

Oh man, I have to see this! I love both the boys in Supernatural!

Rich said...

I absolutely had no interest in "My Bloody Valentine" until you mentioned Jensen Ackles in it.

I might not share the crush you gals have, but can agree that he is an actor to watch.

Yes, that makes two shows I share a connection with Margie and Edna.


Jodi said...

Oh yes what a hottie, woo hoo! Have a great weekend ladies.

Taylor Blue said...

I need to see it.. I want to see it.. Jensen in 3D, what could be better right??

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Who couldn't love Jensen Ackles?

Rich, can't you see Jensen in the Jericho movie? Edna may have a crush but I'm in love!

3D? Nothing could be better unless the real Jensen was next to me.

cmftc said...

Oooh, I agree. I didn't know he was in that film, my OH is going to wonder why I'll suddenly go see it with him now :D

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