Monday, January 26, 2009

A Manly Man: Van Johnson


Margie: My silly sister, Edna, has gone into town to look for a new dress. I know exactly what she's up to without her saying a word. Yes, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Edna thinks a new dress will make her attractive to some man and he'll then buy her a box of chocolates. Poor Edna.

Anyway, good riddance. I have this blog all to myself. I usually have old Prune Lips looking over my shoulder and trying to boss me. Not today.

So, I'm taking the opportunity to mention a manly man whom I dearly loved to see in the movies. He died recently so that makes me sad. There just aren't a lot of manly men in today's movies.

Watch some Van Johnson if you can. He's wonderful as a man in uniform. And, don't tell Edna what I said about her dress.


Lidian said...

He was a very good in "Three Little Words" (mind you that is the only movie I've seen him in) and was on I Love Lucy, in one of the later episodes. Lucy and Ricky were in Hollywood and Lucy wanted to do a song and dance routine with Van I think (and did, of course).

Mystery Man said...

haven't had the hance to see any of his works other than the episode fo "I Love Lucy", but I'll be looking him up soon enough (gives me an excuse to watch more classic

Polly said...

This is sooo funny! Reminds me of my aunts.

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