Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Treasure, there be!

Margie: Edna, lookie here at this new shovel I bought you. I got me a pink one. Would you like to know why I bought them? I'll tell you.

I went to the home to do some visiting and I saw a gentleman that I hadn't seen before. Turns out it was Irving. Remember him? He was your high school crush. Anyway, he said his great-grandpa told him that our great-grandpa had told him that he buried money in this very back yard. Let's get to digging, Edna, and I'll share some of my treasure with you.


Edna: Margie, don't you dare dig up our backyard, I just planted our summer annuals! Besides, you are way too old for this treasure-hunting nonsense. Who do you think you are, a pirate? You'll give yourself a heart attack with that digging, maybe we'd best buy us a metal detector then have Cousin T dig when we hit metal.

And darn tootin' you'll share the loot with me! I do own half of this property so half the treasure is rightly mine.

Margie: Well, I suppose a metal detector would be best but I'll do the detecting! Edna, I sure was looking forward to using my pink shovel because it matches my bikini.

Edna: Good God a'mighty. Maybe that pink bikini is the answer; you wear that outside and the treasure will all but leap out of the ground so you can go back inside and stop your assault on the eyes.

You know, you're awfully quick to trust the word of an old man who may or may not be remembering things correctly. What if there's no treasure out there?

Margie: Edna, there will be treasure even if you just go bury a jar of your old coins. I won't be fit to live with if I don't find treasure.

Edna: What makes you think you're fit to live with NOW?

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