Monday, May 21, 2012


Margie: Edna, you know I wasn't too happy about Supernatural this season. There were several episodes where I felt I'd wasted my time except for looking at my sweet Jensen Ackles. That boy is sweeter than Granny's chocolate cake.

Anyway, I'd like to borrow 2 pieces of your pretty stationary because I have to write 2 letters. I have some suggestions for next season so I'm sending them to my Congresswoman and the Supernatural producers. Would you like to hear my suggestions?

Edna: Sure, why not? Just make it quick, it's almost time for my stories.

Margie: Edna, this is more important than your floozy stories.

First, Dean and Sam need to be in a warm locale like Hawaii. Second, Dean needs to take his shirt off a lot because it's hot in Hawaii. Thirdly, it's hot in Hawaii so Dean needs to sleep nekkid. Finally, I need to move to Hawaii so I can write this show.

How's that, sister?

Edna: Margie, once again you've proven that you're an idiot. First, if they move the show to Hawaii, that doesn't mean the writers get to live in Hawaii. They might not even film it in Hawaii, you dunce. Second, you are way too old to be writing for youngsters like that. If Sam and Dean were centenarians, then maybe you'd have a chance.

Margie: Aha! You're the idiot! I'll be writing the show so we don't need any other writers. I'll say where we film and I say it's Hawaii! I can write for any age man, nitwit.

You're just mad because you can't stand the thought that I'll be moving to Hawaii. I always knew you'd never want me to leave you.

Edna: Good Lord. Margie, you realize that you don't OWN the show right? My lands, this heat must be frying your brain cells. You go on and move to Hawaii, I'm sure not going to stop you!

Margie: I own what I say I own. I'm going to search your room and see what you took that belongs to me.

Edna: Try it, sister, and you'll be traveling to Hawaii in a pine box.

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