Monday, May 14, 2012

Blast from the Past


Margie: Sister, do you know what I was thinking about this morning?  Those double feature movies that we used to go see every Saturday at the Jericho theater. How come they don't make those anymore? I guess they got greedy and want you to pay for each movie separately.

Remember that wonderful popcorn? They don't make it like that anymore.  I could sure drink one of those cold drinks too. That makes my mouth water. Those were the days!

 Edna:  That old movie popcorn was the best.  These days they slap rancid yellow oil on it and call it "buttered".  Buttered, my Aunt Fanny!  That popcorn is about as close to being buttered as you are to being Miss America.

Maybe we should start showing our own double features, revive a tradition.  We could see if Cousin T could rig us up one of those projectors you can use with a computer, and we could show movies on the side of the barn during the evenings.  We could even charge a quarter admission fee!  What do you think?

Margie: I think you'll be serving popcorn and drinks because I'm going to collect the money!

Edna:  Fine.  I'll be serving special tea so you'll just have to miss out.

Margie: Fine. I'll just go to Bailey's with the money I collect.

Edna:  Fine!  When you come home, don't be surprised to find the locks changed.

Margie: Going to call my lawyer now. Bye.

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