Monday, April 9, 2012

National Library Week


Margie: Friends, be sure to support your local library this week because it's National Library Week. You all know that I was the head librarian at the Jericho library until I retired. Some of my happiest memories are from all the hours I spent there.

I'm always invited back during Library Week but times have surely changed. I remember when the refreshments were homemade. Nowadays, they have a store bought Wal-Mart cake. Not very appetizing if you ask me. We used to have a big punchbowl filled with lime sherbert punch but not anymore. Somebody brings Faygo drinks then expects us to drink straight from the can. Nasty and lazy!

I do hope some of my favorite children drop by. They're all grown now but I still love to see them. Children appreciated the library back then but they just use those old computers these days. It's no fun if you don't have to search through books for information.

I certainly hope Edna won't show up. Lord have Mercy. She used to come in the library to read all our magazines because she was too stingy to buy them. She also read her old romance books because she knew better than to let Mama see her with them! She always left books and magazines laying everywhere because she knew I'd have to pick them up. She's a pain in my tushie.

Let's forget Edna before we ruin our day. Do drop by your library this week and thank a librarian. And, clean up your own mess!

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