Friday, April 27, 2012

Factual Friday: Margie hearts Kurt Sutter

Margie: I have a fact for you, sister. Mr. Kurt Sutter, my hero, has created a new series for the Discovery Channel. It's called "Outlaw Empires." It starts May 14th so you can watch your own TV that night. I will fight you to the death over Sons of Anarchy or this new show.

Guess what, Edna? Mr. Sutter says this new show will make Sons of Anarchy look like Sesame Street. Maybe that means somebody will get nekkid. I do love a handsome bad boy.

Mr. Kurt Sutter (or, as Margie prefers, Mr. Margie Callahan).

Edna: Good Lord. Margie, you can have the television all to yourself that night. I'm certainly not going to sit and watch anything smutty or violent with you. It just encourages you, and you're smutty and violent enough already. Maybe I'll spend the evening at Cousin T's, he's much less excitable than you are.

Margie: Lord a mercy! Let me see if I can find some more smutty or violent shows then maybe you'll just move to Cousin T's. Yee haw!!

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