Monday, March 14, 2011

Ladies Week/Virtues


Margie: Edna and I have decided to have Ladies' Week so we hope you'll join us as we explore some interesting topics.

Speaking of interesting, I was working on my family tree this morning. I have to trim some of those dead branches now and then. One thing that caught my attention happened to be ladies' names.

Some of the more extreme Puritans did not consider certain names to be pure enough. They invented their own abstract 'virtue' names. I believe they speak volumes about our society. They used names like Temperance, Comfort, Thankful, and Mercy. Aren't those also names of virtues we'd all be better off practicing?

Edna, I suppose you think you need to weigh in on virtues?

Edna:  Well, why wouldn't I?  After all, someone needs to be the virtuous one around here, and it's for gosh-darn sure it's not you.

I love looking at the family history and seeing those "virtue" names.  You forgot the ladies in our tree who where named "Honor" and "Treat".  Although I'm not so sure that last name is actually a virtue, I like it anyway.  

You know, I think if I had a "virtue" name, it would "Patience".  Lord knows I need it, putting up with the likes of you.

Margie: Edna, on that note I do need a treat. I'm sure glad I made that gallon of Special Tea.

Edna:  I guess we won't be calling you "Moderation."

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