Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tin Can Tourists


Margie: Edna, I have a new adventure for you, me, and Cousin T. See this trailer? It was on the TV and I love it. We're going to be Tin Can Tourists. Do you know what that means, sister?

Edna: I hope it doesn't mean that you're going to expect to use my credit card to buy what looks like a bunch of very fancy camping equipment.

"Tin Can Tourist" doesn't sound very classy. You'd best explain it to me before I decide whether I want to do this or not.

Margie: Nobody needs your money, dingbat. Cousin T has a trailer that he'll fix up for us. I'll even let you put 2 flamingos out when we park.

The Tin Can Tourists is an organization who celebrates classic trailers and motor coaches. People are very creative when they fix these things up. We can travel all over the country and meet other tourists.

Edna: See, here's the problem with this plan. As delightful as it sounds in theory, you do realize that there will be three grown people trying to live in one of those cute little trailers? You and I don't get along as it is, and we have this big house to avoid each other in.

I don't know about this, sister...

Margie: Never fear, Margie has a plan. Cousin T will pitch his own tent and you and I will put a room divider up so we each get half a trailer. We can travel three months every year.

Edna, let's do it. Me, you, T, and a dog named Boo. Traveling and living off the land.

Edna: Well, okay. But only if you promise to stay on your half of the trailer.


Terry said...

Glad to see we have another TCT member in the making!

RNSANE said...

Great...you can come and visit me and Jo...but where will you put the Margiedales in that thing?

Check out my blog today...wedding pictures. The kids look so happy. I couldn't find a sixth husband for myself, though.

Kath Lockett said...

Margie. Edna. Ladies. Are you both listening to me? Good.

Don't do it. My entire childhood holidays were spent in a tin can and it's not good. The farts, snores and general rockin' and a rollin' of a space more suited to storing plates and cups than humans is a recipe for misery, despair, anger and halitosis. Trust me.

Russ said...

Stop by here. You can check out our cafeteria. two bucks for three course lunch including beverage.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Me and Carmen will have the Margiedales with us in our own camper and tent - sans flamingos

RNSANE said...

Yes, we wouldn't want feathers in the whipped cream...oh, those aren't real flamingos, anyway, are they?

Auntie E said...

Oh how funny.. this brings back memories! You see when I was 12 My parents bought one of these in Blue. All six of us traveled across the States and back in it!We even went to Canada with it.

TRoss said...

A friend of my left everything behind and set up a home in a camper in Laughlin, and worked at a Casino there. She ended up not liking it, but that sounded like paradise to me.

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