Monday, May 10, 2010

Sassy Miss Betty

Edna: So Margie, what did you think of Betty White on SNL? You were kind of hard to read during the show, I couldn't tell what you were thinking. Which is a change from the rest of the time, when the cut-off switch between your brain and mouth is permanently in the "on" position.

Margie: I shouldn't even answer that question, nitwit. I love Betty White but she has caused me to hurt myself. Yes, folks, Betty made me fall off the couch with her "Wizard of A--" routine.

I bet the ratings were out the roof on that episode. I wonder if Betty would like to blog with me. She's sure funnier than you, sister.

Edna: And here I thought you fell off the couch because of your inner ear problem. You know, it figures that you enjoyed her potty mouth. I swan, she said things I never thought I'd hear a woman our age utter. And on live television, too! I thought she was more refined than that, but clearly you and she are two peas in a pod.

Miss Betty, I love you, but please remember: you don't have to be off-color to be funny. Case in point was the CSI: Sarasota sketch, which was a hoot, and no foul language anywhere! Using profanity as humor is just lazy writing, in my humble opinion.

Still, she did a good job with what she was given, and she's a wonderful sport for hosting when the fans wanted her to. She said at the end of the show that she was a "scared host," so I give her much credit for facing her fears. And it seemed to me like the audience and the cast were just tickled pink to have her there, which I thought was very touching.

Here folks, take a look at what my loopy sister thought was so funny....


Amy Vernon said...

While I agree they went a little too blue, Miss Betty was a class act and funny as heck. :-)

erika said...

I love it when Betty is dirty. Reminds me of the horndog she played on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Hee!

One of the best SNLs of the season.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

She was fantastic. I did not see the whole show but what I did see had me in hysterics.

RNSANE said...

I'm just glad Betty White is still around to perform. Though I've seen them all, I still watch the Golden Girls reruns. I dread the day I hear Rue or Betty has died.

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