Thursday, May 13, 2010

There ought to be a law...


Edna: Margie, put down that dustmop and come sit down here with me for a minute. I'm writing a letter to our congresswoman and I need your help.

Margie: No way. You never want me around unless you want to pick my brain for one of your dumb letters. What's wrong now? Your hair spray cost too much?

Edna: You'd best stop making your snippy comments and just sit down because this concerns you too! I'm petitioning Congress to put an end to these silly TV show hiatuses. The season finale of Supernatural is tonight, and I am not looking forward to a long summer of wondering what happens next. Are you?

Margie: You're finally writing a letter I can agree with, sister. I want new episodes all summer. Old Kripke can use some of his money and pay for them.

Edna: That works for me. And you know, if you think about it, TV shows going on hiatus is a form of age discrimination. Time is short for us old folks, and it's expecting a lot that we'll survive to see our shows come back in the fall. We just don't have the time to wait around to see what happens next.

Sister, I'm going to finish this letter. You go call that Gloria Allred, maybe she'll take our case. I say we sue the networks and set up our own show schedules!

Margie: Amen, sister. I don't want to die before seeing my Jensen again. Gloria Allred will scare Kripke so bad that he may add her to the cast.


erika said...

OMG. You ladies...

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Gloria Allred could scare God, good choice in ambulance chaser. I agree with you ladies whole heartedly although now with all the reruns coming up I'll have more time to spend with the Margiedales.

Russ said...

Well Ladies looks like we need to get a petition started. Lets go get the big guys.

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