Monday, December 20, 2010

Margie and Edna's Gift Ideas


Margie: Edna, there are so many people who wait until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts so I thought we could give folks some gift ideas. Here's something I'd like to get.

Edna: Oh honey, your hands are much too mannish to be able to wear a large ring like that. You want to minimize your deficits, dear, not emphasize them.

Now, something like this would really flatter my lovely blue eyes.

Margie: I think you mean those blue veins around your watery eyes. Nobody in their right mind would buy earbobs costing that much. Not for you anyway.

Edna: Shows how much you know, Miss Smarty-Pants. I have an email right here from an Arabian prince who says he'll share his millions with me if I send him a little bit of information. Where's your bank book, Margie? Hurry it up, before he decides there's younger fish in the sea!

Margie: Edna, you're a moron. Ask for his picture first.


Anji said...

I love your blog. it's nice to see something different.

have you thought of trying ? Like Blogexplosion only better.

RNSANE said...

Be happy with your Margiedales. You might get sand fleas in Arabia, among other things.

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